stage 2

Sorry for the delay in updating this …

Saxo safe in the garage

So with the Saxo in the garage, it was time to start work getting it ready to be used and abused. I wanted to go over everything to make sure it was ok, replaced where needed, and tarted up if it looked scruffy.

As the car was ‘nose out’ in the garage it made sense to start with the front suspension, which after some drilling, drilling and a little more drilling, was soon off.

Suspension Leg off

Then to take them home, strip down, paint and swap the springs to standard VTS versions.

Strut at home partially dismantled

I also took the Anti-Roll bar off the front whilst I was on, again, the plan was to clean up, paint and replace the mount bushes.

Anti-Roll bar painted with Red Oxide Paint

Once all the planed cleaning and painting was done, it was time to rebuild the struts with standard height VTS springs, I wanted to return the car to standard height so I could a) have a reference point for all suspension changes, and b) make sure the car was lowered evenly and correctly in the first place. It was also a good excuse to dismantle all the suspension components, front and back.

Painted and rebuilt Strut

and back on the car

I also replace the drop links and tie rods when putting the struts back on the car.

I left the driveshafts out at this point to make it easier when it was time for the engine to come out, and then it was time to turn the car round …

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