whoops, I’ve been a bit slack with the updates …

So, to get you up to speed with where I am with the car, I’ll just type a load of words about what has happened.

So I bought a Safety Devices Cup Car Cage for a 106, these fit a Saxo the same, bar a bit of cutting to the dash, but have the benefit of fitting to the boot floor rather than the rear wheel arches. Much better in my opinion.

Cage ‘dry’ fitted

I then found out about micro heaters, so the decision was made to take out the heater matrix and replace with a micro heater from T7 Designs. This involved making a fibreglass “funnel” to fit the Saxo dash converting the windscreen vent to a round fitting that would connect to the heater.

Heater Fitted

Whilst the dash was out to fit the heater, I took the onerous task of cutting all the redundant wiring out of the entire wiring loom inside the car. There was loads of it! All the electric window wiring came out, central locking, rear heated screen, stereo & speaker wiring, complete airbag module and the seat belt pre-tensioners. I’ve still got a bit of tidying to do, and the heater needs wiring in as I’m hoping to use the standard Saxo heater controls with my micro heater, but I’m not far off putting the dash back in and getting the cage fully fitted (plates need welding in)

I have also bought a new roof skin which hasn’t got the sunroof hole in, this came attached to the top half of the 106 it came off, so I spent a couple of days drilling spot weld out. I have been informed that the works S1600 cars pop-riveted the roof skin of with a bead of sikoflex, so this is how I shall be fitting mine, myself! after the cage is fully fitted though!

I’m also keeping my eye out for a secondhand Motordrive seat cheaply to allow me size up and locate comfortably for weld in seat rails, I’m also going to be buying a welder so hopefully with the help of one of my best friends we shall be doing all the work ourselves.

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