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Rally converting

The original plan was to do ALL the work ourselves with the help of my good friend Kev. I bought a welder and we set to fitting the cage, unfortunately, a combination of a crap welder, and Kev not being in his comfort zone of material thickness, plus the fact I wanted loads more bits and bobs doing, the decision was made to send the car to have the work done by somebody experienced welding thin French tin.

Beaniesport were churning out some fantastic work, and a quick call to Chris and the car was booked in. Work to be done was – Completed cage install, non-sunroof skin installed, sill stands, a few holes repairing, sump guard fitting, seat rails installing (including harness eyelet plates) and hand brake reinforcement of the tunnel.

I’ll let a few photos do the talking.

New roof skin

New roof skin


Seat Rails


Sill Stands

All ready to come home

All ready to come home

I’ll try and remember to carry on updating this to the current date status over the next week.

I’ll get the hang of keeping this up to date one day …

Sorry for the radio silence! Progress has been huge since the last up date though.

With the car progressing well I decided to thin the wiring loom out.

Wiring loom in 'thinning out mode'

Wiring loom in ‘thinning out mode’

and then I decided to look at how bad the rust on the shell was … it was pretty bad and looked like it was going to cost to get all the work done. At this point I looked on E-Bay for secondhand shells and found one for £20! Bargain! and it looked in decent condition, so Dad and I went and collected it.

On the trailer at work

On the trailer at work

and then the work started on transferring everything between shells.

I won’t bore you with every detail and photo, but first off was make the new shell watertight (as shell one was still in the garage,) and a few hours on a Saturday morning saw the sunroof, boot, doors and windows on shell two. Next up was to remove everything that wasn’t needed – sound deadening, old heater matrix, a selection of pipe work and a butchered wiring loom. The shell was ready for preparation to be ‘Rally-fied’