I’ll get the hang of keeping this up to date one day …

Sorry for the radio silence! Progress has been huge since the last up date though.

With the car progressing well I decided to thin the wiring loom out.

Wiring loom in 'thinning out mode'

Wiring loom in ‘thinning out mode’

and then I decided to look at how bad the rust on the shell was … it was pretty bad and looked like it was going to cost to get all the work done. At this point I looked on E-Bay for secondhand shells and found one for £20! Bargain! and it looked in decent condition, so Dad and I went and collected it.

On the trailer at work

On the trailer at work

and then the work started on transferring everything between shells.

I won’t bore you with every detail and photo, but first off was make the new shell watertight (as shell one was still in the garage,) and a few hours on a Saturday morning saw the sunroof, boot, doors and windows on shell two. Next up was to remove everything that wasn’t needed – sound deadening, old heater matrix, a selection of pipe work and a butchered wiring loom. The shell was ready for preparation to be ‘Rally-fied’

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